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The complexity of understanding how to include usability, user retention data, and beautiful websites both on desktop and mobile took our experts years of research to create a method to success in the online world.


Our design process allows you, our boss, to guide our team with your vision, while we guide you with our knowledge.

This proven method of a wonderful marriage in the design arena provides a higher level of accountability for both you and our team. Dollhouse Solutions has offered many companies win-win results. Our portfolio includes e-commerce websites, political campaigns, CV/resume sites, and much more.  



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" The depth of concept in design is merely the amount of light you allow to seep through the rays of your mind"

-William van Hoepen  

Where are we? 

We've been incredibly lucky to have the great group of clients we do. Our clients spread far and wide around our beautiful earth, however, we are located in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto Canada as well as New York and Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Canada - USA Wide 


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